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Trinity Holistic Wellness is a holistic wellness located in the home of Dr. Carolyn Berghuis. 1037 Deer Lake Drive, Carmel, IN 46032

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edspicThese days, nearly everyone has heard of an MRI. Consider that up until a few years ago, the average person had never even heard of it, and you will begin to understand how quickly technology is advancing in the field of medicine, more specifically in the use of energy in medicine. One such advance has been with Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS), also known as Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV). Your medical doctor may have never heard of it, but in the future this piece of equipment will undoubtedly be as common in medicine as the X-Ray machine. It is truly the wave of the future. The technology is based on the phenomenon that all parts of the body are interrelated and are also energetically linked via meridians.

How Can an Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) Session Help You?

Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) is a non-invasive technology that uses a highly sensitive instrument to measure energetic disturbances in the energetic fields of the body. It tests measurement points on the fingers and toes for all the major organs, tissues, bones, teeth, and the lymphatic, vascular, and nervous systems. An EDS session can tell us where there is the energetic signature of tissue inflammation, degeneration, or damage in an organ or meridian system.

How is this Possible?

There are measurement points for all the major organs, tissue systems, bones, teeth, vascular, nervous and lymphatic systems on the fingers and toes. There are also specific points for energetic degenerative manifestations in the body. EDS uses a controlled, micro-electrical current (so small the patient will not be aware of it) to provide feedback on body organs and systems. Acupuncture points connect us to the communication and energetic network in the body. When we run electricity through an acupuncture point, the electrical flow or conductance of that point gives us an indication of the energetic "health status" of that meridian. For example, testing the Liver Acupuncture point will give us an indication of the energetic status of the entire Liver meridian. This non-invasive testing can give us powerful insights into the physiology and biochemistry of the body.

How and When was this Technology Discovered?

BioEnergetic Assessment began in the early 1940's as a result of extensive research in Germany by Dr. Reinhold Voll, a medical doctor and acupuncturist. Dr. Voll used a technique known as impedance or OHM metering, to measure electrical resistance and conductance. Using this impedance testing on the acupuncture points of the body, he found that inflammation, degeneration and tissue damage produced certain electrical signatures. He developed the highly sensitive instrument that measures disturbances in the body's energetic fields.

After Problems Have Been Found, What Then?

As Dr. Voll continued his research, he found that by placing various homeopathic substances in circuit with the body, the testing would reveal which substance balanced the body's energetic signatures -- in order to provide a resolution for the measured disturbances. He had remarkable success in dealing with a wide range of puzzling health-related problems by using this method. This "remedy testing," tells us what herbs, vitamins, minerals, or homeopathic substances will bring the meridians, and thus the body, back into balance.

How Does it Work Today?

Advances in electronic technology have made the EDS process one of the most exciting fields of alternative health care. Our computer-based instrument, MSAS Professional, presents the results of testing on a screen as a graph. Visual results can be saved and compared from session to session, to see what improvements have taken place. The possibilities are unlimited.

We do not diagnose, however, we offer a number of specific protocols, as well as more general screening programs, which assess the energetic signatures of the organ meridians of the body. You may wish to be screened for energetic signatures to food allergies, for specific problems, or for general health and preventative purposes. EDS, widely recognized in Germany and other parts of Europe, is one of the most significant new tools for 21st century health care. 

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