In this article I am going to share with you what I have learned about the Divine Physician, Jesus Christ, over my many years as a traditional Naturopath (and a devout Catholic) and how he helps individuals heal from their physical, emotional, and spiritual pains.

Jesus Christ not only reveals himself to be the Divine Physician in sacred scripture, he also shows us the pathway into full healing of body, heart, and spirit through sacred text. Yet, the world is still hurting and God’s children are still crying out for healing. If scripture also tells us that there will be a day when all tears will be wiped away and our pain will be no more (Revelation 21:4), then how does full healing happen? Well, I have come to understand that each of us has a very important role in the Divine Physician’s plan for healing and I am going to share this insight with you here in this blog post.

To begin, the Divine Physician offers healing beyond what mankind can offer, and as its name implies, this healing is rooted in the realm of God’s divinity. This rootedness calls for healing at a level of wholeness where our human spirit fully unites with the spirit of God. As mankind journeys into this unification a new human creation will emerge – a creation where we truly live as one body in Christ. A global shift will manifest and we will become who we were created to be – human beings created in the image of an all loving Father.

From the “least” to the “greatest”, we are all invited to the great banquet. In this celebration our bridegroom, Christ himself, will lead us into a joyous dance of unity rooted in forgiveness and love. At some point during the celebration the Divine Physician’s undeniable truth will arise in our hearts and we will come to understand that each and every one of us is a vital healing instrument in his medicine bag. By participating in this increased unification we find ourselves experiencing healing of body, heart, and spirit beyond our original seeking.

Jesus’ Message to the Baptist

Looking at scripture we see that Jesus did A LOT of healing – both physical and emotional healing. In Luke 7 Jesus reveals and affirms his role as both Divine Physician and Savior when he speaks to followers of the Baptist. In this story the Baptist sends his men to ask Jesus if he is indeed the Savior. Jesus is very clear in his answer. Pointing to the healing God’s children experienced at his hands, Jesus reveals that he is indeed our Savior. He is indeed our Divine Physician. And this is the key! Jesus could have pointed to anything he wanted to in order to reveal to the Baptist the truth of who he was and Jesus pointed to his works of healing.

When the men had come to him, they said, “John the Baptist has sent us to you to ask, ‘Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another?’” Jesus had just then cured many people of diseases, plagues, and evil spirits, and had given sight to many who were blind. And he answered them, “Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, the poor have good news brought to them. And blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me.”– Luke 7:20-23.

I have read the story of the Baptist’s question regarding Jesus as Savior many times; however, I missed the deeper truth until recently. As spiritual as the Baptist obviously was, he wasn’t able to recognize that Jesus was indeed the Savior so he point blank asked him (well, he had two of his me men do the asking). Jesus doesn’t give a simple and direct answer. Rather, Jesus gives what is needed – a pathway into reconciliation with the Savior. Jesus’ healing is the physical evidence the Baptist can take to the bank that proves that he is indeed the Savior, the Divine Physician – the new reality.

Jesus’ Healing Stories

So what was it about the individuals in scripture who received healing from Jesus? What was special about them? Well, they knew Jesus had the power to heal them. Through vulnerability they surrendered. They gave Jesus their weaknesses, their physical and mental pain, their unforgiveness, their hate, their fear, and their shame. They laid all of who they were at the feet of Jesus.

From the sinful woman in Luke to the demoniacs in Matthew we witness true understanding in just who Jesus Christ is. This type of deep understanding, and the transformation that happens as a result, is available to us as well. The healing stories are not mere miracle stories people experienced over 2,000 years ago, rather, they serve as signposts pointing us towards Salvation with our Savior.

Sometimes healing appears to come easily in the Jesus stories, and other times a more complex approach is required. The same holds today. Sometimes a simple touch of his hem will alleviate long standing physical symptoms, and other times deeper body and soul work is required. While early on in my Naturopathic career I believed that full healing could be experienced with the correct combination of assistance from natural remedies and dietary changes, I now know otherwise. That approach only works when all that is needed is a simple touch of the hem. Many people need deeper healing of body, heart, and soul.

How Does Divine Healing Work?

Our current mindset, one that demands a simple, quick solution with either allopathic medications or natural solutions, all too often serves to drive the pain deeper within. Even offering an allopathic or natural remedy can interrupt the healing pattern. Why? Because some pain, like the pain suffered by the paralytic or the demoniac, requires body and soul healing. More soul healing in my opinion. This type of healing is only available through the Divine Physician – our Savior. Can allopathic or natural remedies be a part of this healing? Of course they can, the Divine Physician has many things in his medicine bag. However, his greatest instrument in his medicine bag is a deep abiding love relationship with him.

To better understand how divine healing works we must acknowledge the fact that we are all one body in Christ – when one part of his body is broken the whole body remains broken. Looking at scripture we can only image the pain the sinful woman experienced. Undoubtedly she carried many wounds that contributed to her sinful behavior. She did not experience her wounds in isolation, rather, she shared in them with others. Her family members, her friends, and those she loved and cared for were all affected. Likewise, when we are hurting our pain also affects others close to us.

Her story is timeless, and so is ours. We must remember that we do not live alone on an island in a specific place and time. Rather, we are part of our past, our family, our family’s past, our community, our community’s past, the greater world and the past of the world. The Divine Physician is working within all of us for spiritual healing of the whole. The Divine Physician does not cut off or suppress parts of the body to preserve another. He did not dismiss the pharisees in favor of the sinful woman – or vise versa. He offered love and guidance to each as they needed and left them to their free will.

Spiritual Awakening in Christianity

I believe there is a spiritual awakening occurring within Christianity and in the world today. A newfound realization that we, although many parts, are truly one in the body of Christ. In order to become fully healed we must come into congruency with this fact and there is only one way we can do this. We must surrender to the Divine Physician and the forgiveness he offers. Like the paralytic, the prodigal son, and the sinful woman, God is continually present offering forgiveness. We are all immersed in the milieu of his perfect love and there is nothing we could do that has the power to stop God from loving us and extending the forgiveness our hearts need for full restoration.

What is required is faith – faith that God is ready, willing, and able to heal us. Faith that he is walking with us and knowing that he is right there in the messy and painful places of our lives. Faith that he is indeed close to the brokenhearted. Does this mean that we will receive miraculous instantaneous healing? Maybe, maybe not. Like any good healer (and he’s the best healer!) God extends healing and then he allows us to return to ourselves to continue the journey towards him. Along the way healing will be realized; however, it may not be exactly how we think it will be. Each path is different. Yet, the destination is the same – union with God where our hearts become unified with his.


The Divine Physician brings about unity – no part is left out. No person, no faith, no philosophy, no institution. Rather, everything is brought forth for healing and reconciliation with and through the Savior. Through his members, full unity, and thus full healing, is realized. The natural world’s offerings, man created remedies and therapies, and people of all kind are all potential instruments in the Divine Physician’s medicine bag. It’s up to us to choose to be his instrument and allow him to work through us.

The Next Step

In my opinion there is only one way we can enter into an intimate relationship with our Divine Physician Jesus Christ. Like all healthy relationships we must spend time together and our relationship with Christ is no different. We must spend time together for our love relationship to blossom. I believe this is best accomplished by reflecting and meditating on sacred scripture – by allowing ourselves to become immersed in his world. Simply find your favorite, comfortable spot and let yourself to be taken away into his joy.

The world is full of Divine healing potential because as Saint Angela of Foligno is credited with saying – “This world is pregnant with God!”

God bless all of you – Carolyn

God the Father – hold us in your Fatherly love.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – heal us with your divine love.

God the Holy Spirit – immerse us in divine love.

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